On the occasion of nanni balestrini’s 80th birthday: they wanted everything

New forms of struggle and literary montage: on the 80th birthday of the great Italian writer Nanni Balestrini.

Nanni Balestrini. Photo: private

The writer Umberto Eco was as much a part of the neo-avant-garde current in Italy in the 1960s as Nanni Balestrini. Although they developed differently, they were initially united in the "Group 63" in the 1960s. Eco later became a famous, internationally extremely successful author ("In the Name of the Rose"), Balestrini the docufictional narrator of Italy’s New Left.

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Doubts about jatta’s identity: untenable theses

Following the exoneration of HSV pro Jatta by the authorities, three second-division clubs withdraw their protests. At Springer-Verlag, the fireworks continue.

End of the questioning: Jatta here before the DFB interrogation in mid-August Photo: dpa

No more questions about the Jatta case. That was the message that the three second-division soccer teams, 1. FC Nurnberg, VfL Bochum and Karlsruher SC, spread on Tuesday afternoon. They withdrew their protest against the scoring of their games against Hamburger SV because of the involvement of HSV professional Bakery Jatta. The clubs said this was a reaction to the decision of the Hamburg Mitte district authority. On Monday, the latter had stated that there was no "resilient evidence" that the HSV professional, who came to Germany as a refugee in 2015, had assumed a false identity.

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Werder coach set despite relegation place: florian kohfeldt stays

Even after the defeat against Union Berlin, Werder Bremen’s coach has the backing of the board and the team. The question is how much longer.

Emotional, but always focused. Just how long can Florian Kohfeldt stay? Photo: dpa

Other clubs would probably have fired their coach long ago – not so Werder Bremen. Florian Kohfeldt has the full backing of the team and the management despite the 2-0 defeat against Union Berlin and the drop to 17th place in the table. Kohfeldt still reaches the team, emphasized captain Niklas Moisander on Saturday after the game. "We believe in him."

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Losing women in the world of work: stress and forced part-time work

The Chamber of Employees has presented the first representative survey of employees in Bremen: Single parents fare worst

Those who are stressed often go to work sick Photo: (dpa)

For the first time, employees in the state of Bremen have been representatively surveyed about their work situation. More than 2,000 employees were interviewed at the beginning of the year. From the study "Coordinates of work in the state of Bremen" by the Institute for Applied Social Science (infas) on behalf of the Chamber of Employees (AN), it emerges: Bremen employees suffer from stress, overtime and health hazards.

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Convicted blogger hardy prothmann: still a long way from hitting bottom

Hardy Prothmann became a role model for modern local journalism with his "Rheinneckarblog." Then he invented a terrorist attack.

"Now I make a mistake for once, and everyone hits it," says Hardy Prothmann Photo: Miriam Stanke

His idea failed, but he still doesn’t stop fighting for it. "The end is when the acquittal is there," says Hardy Prothmann, 52, stocky figure, suspicious look, deep circles under his eyes. "Legally, I’m on the right side." He looks tired.

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Amusement park around fast breeder reactor: at least you don’t get contaminated

Unlike in Fukushima, the fast breeder reactor in Kalkar never went online. Instead, it became "Wunderland Kalkar," an amusement park with a carousel.

Carousel in the cooling tower. Picture: reuters

Only a faded wall drawing reminds of the resistance against Germany’s most dangerous nuclear power plant. "We want to live" can still be deciphered on a barn in Honnepel, a district of Kalkar with a population of just under 1,000, along with sunflowers as a symbol of the anti-nuclear protest.

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Ban on lateral thinking demonstrations: protection against infection has priority

After weighing the consequences, the Federal Constitutional Court has allowed the ban on the Bremen "mega-demonstration" against Corona measures to stand.

The BVerfG decided: In Bremen cross-thinkers, cross-readers and Nazis had to stay at home this time Photo: dpa

The Bremen Advent mega-demonstration of the lateral thinking movement remains banned. The Federal Constitutional Court on Saturday refused to issue a temporary injunction against the ban. This was the first Karlsruhe decision on a Corona demonstration after the amendment of the Infection Protection Act in mid-November.

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Homeless people in berlin: number of corona infections on the rise

Homeless people suffer particularly from the pandemic. Social Senator Elke Breitenbach (Left Party) praises the willingness to help in the city.

Stay at home? How can that be done? Homeless person in Berlin Photo: dpa

Social Senator Elke Breitenbach (Left Party) estimates the additional costs for Berlin’s homeless assistance in the pandemic at 10 to 13 million euros. Previously, 3.8 million euros had been calculated for the cold aid system, she said Friday.

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Prosiebensat1 on the european market: berlusconi steps in

Italy’s Mediaset buys shares in German private television. However, they do not want to know anything about a merger.

Berlusconi buys connection in Germany Photo: reuters

The game is called "All with all" and it has been going on for some time. The new player is Silvio Berlusconi. Like so many things, he and his family own the Mediaset media group – and thus basically control all of Italy’s private television. But that’s apparently not enough. Last week, he bought about ten percent of the shares in the ProSiebenSat.1 Group. "This is a friendly share purchase," his son Pier Silvio announced.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder: lady gaga talks about her trauma

The US singer suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. She had been raped as a teenager and suffers from the consequences until today.

Lady Gaga spoke for the first time concretely about her post-traumatic stress disorder Photo: reuters

Pop diva Lady Gaga says she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The illness is the result of the rape she experienced as a teenager, the 30-year-old told US broadcaster NBC on Monday night.

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